24 hour project


What is the 24 Hour Project and its purpose?

It started in 2012 to compare New York and Los Angeles in one single day, to document the struggles and similarities of humans in different locations. Now in its 6th year we are thousands who come together in one single day to tell the bigger picture of human existence from more than 700 cities.

Through the 24 Hour Project we can better understand humanity, see images from the point of view of each local photographer, fall in love with how similar we all are no matter the economical aspect, religion, or geographical location.

Besides documenting humanity we also aim to make a difference, and for this we partner with NGOs to empower their initiatives and to bring awareness to ongoing human issues.

This year we will be working toward helping Lesvos Solidarity, an NGO based in Lesvos-Greece to provide all the relief we can through the synergy of the participating photographers.

I also plan to do a photography workshop with refugees at Lesvos, give them disposable cameras and have them document their own 24 hours. The photos will be part of the travel exhibition of the 24 Hour Project. Last year we had 5 exhibits.

In this year's edition of the 24 Hour Project, each photographer participating will raise awareness and bring the world's attention to Lesvos Solidarity. We aim to raise donations, increase volunteers and help out as much as possible to refugees in need.

Source: http://www.efsyn.gr/arthro/o-aktivistis-apo-peroy-erhetai-sti-mytilini