Safe Passage Bags and Humade Crafts Workshop

Stand in solidarity with migrants arriving in Europe and protect the environment. We upcycle materials to create handmade bags and crafts, providing training and job opportunities for refugees and locals in Lesvos.

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Safe Passage Bags and Humade Crafts Workshop


I've got my backpack a few days ago and I was so glad about it! It not only looks nice, is perfect for everyday use (easy to wear it, doesn't hurt at the shoulders, is stable enough for my back but soft enough to put everything you need inside, has got a perfect size), it also is so important to spread the message of safe passages until the whole Camp is evacuated and everybody respect eachother as human beings! I want to send so much love and help <3 Thank all of you!


I´m more than happy with my small pencil case. It looked nice on the photos but even nicer in reality. The quality is also very good. Highly recommended!


Now more than ever: Solidarity with Lesvos!

This beautiful and useful bag might indeed help spreading the word.
And help keeping the great work of the initiative going.


My Safe Passage 'Moon Bag' - just perfect to hold thoughts and dreams of solidarity inside.


My Safe Passage backpack constructed of floral printed material and other prescient, evocative lifejacket patchwork speaks of Lesvos Solidarity's strength, spirit and community. Thank you


I love this bag. Well made, lightweight, has everything you want in a backpack. The poignancy of the materials remind me every time I use it of the humanitarian struggles we must also continue to bear witness to and to remind others.

L. Bryant

I am delighted by the bag and the message and a little bit of good it's doing.
The bag arrived quickly.
it's well built
It's waterproof (I'll be using it as a kit bag for my swimming)
the customer service was really good.
I am buying it as a Xmas present for my sister as well
thank you Lesvos Solidarity

C. West

Just bought this beautiful bag in Christiania while visiting Copenhagen.

The bright orange provides me safety while I'm riding my bike. Thank you.


I've been trying to find a 'zero waste' case for my laptop for quite a while... this is the best!

The bag is very well made and looks great. It is incredibly protective, particularly due to the foam and buckle. What a fantastic way to repurpose used lifejackets.
Thank you, I will be telling all my friends and buying more safe passage bags :-)