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This is the bag to carry ALL your things on a weekend away (or to the beach, or the gym, or to a sleepover at your best friend’s house…). The design may look deceptively simple, we see this as one of our masterpieces: it is made of almost 100% upcycled material, until the very last detail! The front pocket is made with the mesh from the tent windows, for example, and the little pillow that keeps the strap comfortable on your shoulder has been filled with foam from life jackets. The zippers come in different colors and match the finishings on the inside of the bag.

Surely once the Weekender is part of your life, you’ll never want to live without them.
Material: tent (and a little bit of life jacket)
Dimensions: 47cm x 28 cm (9.2 liters)

Upcycling means giving material a second life – and sometimes the previous life is still visible, like a little scar. It’s the “imperfections” in the bags that tell the true story of the material we use!

Upcycling also means that each bag is unique, with different colors and different combinations, and while we use the materials available to us, sometimes we can accommodate preferences - so please let us know if you have any particular colors or patterns you like.

Remember, with your purchase of a Safe Passage bag, you:
- help us provide jobs and job-training for refugees and asylum seekers
- prevent discarded material from ending up in polluting landfills, instead giving it a useful second life as a bag with a meaningful story