Backpack Wanderer

Backpack Wanderer

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Say "hello" to adventure and "goodbye" to boring backpacks!This backpack is colorful, spacious, and extremely practical: a big pocket accessible from the front lined with brightly colored fabric, and an even bigger main compartment which opens at the top. Both compartments close with a zipper.

The backpack is made of mostly tent material, with surprising details made of discarded clothes and life jackets.

Dimensions: 48 cm x 37 cm x 7 cm
Content: 15+ liters

Materials: Tent, lifejacket, fabric

Each bag not only exudes urban charm but also carries the resilience and spirit of those who crafted it. By purchasing a Safe Passage Item, you're making a difference in more ways than one:

🤝 Help us provide jobs and job trainings for refugees and asylum seekers.
🌱 Prevent discarded material from ending up in polluting landfills. 
♻️ Make use of an item with a meaningful story.
💡Push for safe and legal pathways for migration.

Upcycling means that each bag is unique, with different colours and combinations. You have the option to request specific colours and we will do our best to meet your preference based on our availability.