Backpack Dinghy

Backpack Dinghy

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Don't let its seaworthy origins fool you – this backpack is as street-smart as they come! Sturdy dinghy material keeps the rain out and with clever features of the front pocket for small essentials and spacious main body,  it's more than just a fashion statement; it's a practical companion for all your urban escapades, big or small. 

Crafted from bigger or smaller parts of dinghy boat these backpacks symbolize resilience and hope, as they repurpose materials from vessels that have often carried people seeking safety and a better life.

Dimensions: 45 x 39 x 10

Materials: Dinghy

Each bag not only exudes urban charm but also carries the resilience and spirit of those who crafted it. By purchasing a Safe Passage Item, you're making a difference in more ways than one:

🤝 Help us provide jobs and job trainings for refugees and asylum seekers.
🌱 Prevent discarded material from ending up in polluting landfills. 
♻️ Make use of an item with a meaningful story.
💡Push for safe and legal pathways for migration.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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The backpack is stylish and very well sewn. However it has a strong plastic smell which I hope will resolve anytime, soon. Ordering and shipping went very well even from abroad. This is my second piece from Safe passage bags. Great work.

Marit thank you so much for your comments. We are happy that you liked the bag and you recognise the hard detailed work that we do. Unfortunately, the smell of the material is due to the origin of it that comes from the sea and we collect it by the coast. However it's the 'imperfections' of our supplies(boat, lifejacket, ropes, clips) that make the items particilarly unique and important.

Silke Karl-Ulshöfer

Super Rucksack!!!

We are happy that you liked your Backpack. It's a very useful item to serve you in plenty occasions.

Yiannis M
Great durable, stylish bag with a super important function.

The bag is really an everyday workhorse. It can sustain the worst weather. On top its top can be adjusted with a zipper and can expand with its capacity to hold your essentials for a small trip of 2-3 days.

The most important function though is to spread the word of Safe Passage and to promote the work that is done in Lesvos by all the brave people there.

Great product, great initiative, great delivery!
thanks so much to all the team crafting those objects and all the people placing the hard work.


Yiannis we are very pleased for your comments. We try to do our best with the materials we have. Our goal is to create useful and at the same time stylish and durable products. Indeed, our dinghy backpack is ideal for everyday use. It is designed to handle a large volume of items but also a very good choice for a few days travel as hand luggage. In addition, due to the material made entirely of boat, it is waterproof and very durable. We are mostly grateful that you acknowledge the message to the world about SAFE PASSAGE. And this is the most important. Thank you very much.

Chris West
This is brilliant

I am delighted by the bag and the message and a little bit of good it's doing.
The bag arrived quickly.
it's well built
It's waterproof (I'll be using it as a kit bag for my swimming)
the customer service was really good.
I am buying it as a Xmas present for my sister as well
thank you Lesvos Solidarity

Linda Bryant
A brilliant bag with a message

I love this bag. Well made, lightweight, has everything you want in a backpack. The poignancy of the materials remind me every time I use it of the humanitarian struggles we must also continue to bear witness to and to remind others.