Backpack dinghy

Backpack dinghy

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A backpack to hold what you need - front pocket for small essentials, spacious main body for the larger bits. Sturdy dinghy material keeps the rain out, sturdy construction keeps your valuables in. 

Upcycling means giving material a second life – and sometimes the previous life is still visible, like a little scar. It’s the “imperfections” in the bags that tell the true story of the material we use!

Upcycling also means that each bag is unique, with different colors and different combinations, and while we use the materials available to us, sometimes we can accommodate preferences - so please let us know if you have any particular colors or patterns you like.

Dimensions: 45 x 39 x 10

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Yiannis M
Great durable, stylish bag with a super important function.

The bag is really an everyday workhorse. It can sustain the worst weather. On top its top can be adjusted with a zipper and can expand with its capacity to hold your essentials for a small trip of 2-3 days.

The most important function though is to spread the word of Safe Passage and to promote the work that is done in Lesvos by all the brave people there.

Great product, great initiative, great delivery!
thanks so much to all the team crafting those objects and all the people placing the hard work.


Chris West
This is brilliant

I am delighted by the bag and the message and a little bit of good it's doing.
The bag arrived quickly.
it's well built
It's waterproof (I'll be using it as a kit bag for my swimming)
the customer service was really good.
I am buying it as a Xmas present for my sister as well
thank you Lesvos Solidarity

Linda Bryant
A brilliant bag with a message

I love this bag. Well made, lightweight, has everything you want in a backpack. The poignancy of the materials remind me every time I use it of the humanitarian struggles we must also continue to bear witness to and to remind others.


The backpack I got is great! It looks nice, is very big with a lot of small pockets in it and it is high quality. I always use it for grocery shopping, because a lot of things fit in there. I would definitely recommend buying that backpack, you can also tell Lesvos Solidarity your preferences colorwise, they will answer you quick. And the shipping was fast, too. Thank you!

Felicia Aparicio
high quality product with a meaningful cause

Thanks so much! @lesvossolidarity was extremely friendly and flexible regarding the kind of backpack I wanted. The shipping to Germany went really fast and the bag has a very high quality and looks great. Keep up the effective and sustainable work you do, thanks for that!