Mandala Earrings

Mandala Earrings

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Do you know what is the Ojo de dios? 
Is there something more exciting and interesting than learning about other cultures ?

Definetely something we love doing in our Humade workshop. 

Let us share with you what we've learned and we would like to keep from this beautiful aspect of Mexican culture
The entire construction of the God’s Eye (Ojo de dios) is carefully planned. Colors are chosen for specific purposes. 
RED symbolizes life ...
YELLOW symbolizes the sun, the moon, and the stars ...
BLUE symbolizes the heavens and the bodies of water ...
BROWN symbolizes the earth, the soil ... GREEN symbolizes vegetation ...
BLACK symbolizes death...

The four points of the God’s Eye represent the four elements ...
fire, water, earth, and air.

Made from beginners participants of our workshop, due to its variety of designs, colors and the opportunity that it offers to all to experiment and explore their creativity. 

Material : cotton wool, silver hook, wooden sticks 
Length with hook: ******
Width (from air to earth): ******
Colors: big colorful variety ⤵
Let us surprise you.. 
Once you have ordered one, we will choose the colors as each is very special and only one of each color and design. 
Then we will send it to you... 
Once you receive it come here again and find what is the symbolisation of your earings.