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Who are we?


Lesvos Solidarity, known as “PIKPA camp”, is an open refugee camp in Mytilini, Lesvos (Greece), providing humanitarian support to the most vulnerable refugees including families with children, pregnant women, refugees with disabilities, refugees who suffer from serious medical conditions and victims of shipwrecks who lost loved ones in the sea.


Lesvos Solidarity offers on site medical care, psychosocial assistance, legal support, food, clothes and hygiene-kits and also provides referrals for medical care off site (such in hospitals, private clinics, as e.g.). The organization also runs activities for children, language classes, and social support. Although Lesvos Solidarity supports refugees with administering the asylum process, it does not conduct any registration-related work.

Additionally, a small team within Lesvos Solidarity supports the refugees on the Southern shoreline of Lesvos when they arrive on the island after crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey. 

Lesvos Solidarity also develops actions of solidarity and public awareness for both refugees and locals. To foster solidarity and understanding it has developed and expanded several integration and educational programs for both refugees and the local community. This has resulted in the creation of the Support Centre “Mosaik” in the center of Mytilini, Lesvos, where language and art classes are offered, as well as workshops developing the vocational skills of both refugees and locals.

One of the key integration and educational projects Lesvos Solidarity has developed is the Workshop Safe Passage-Bag. This is an upcycling project where bags are being created by refugees and locals living in Mytilini. The bags are created with the lifejackets left on the shorelines in Lesvos, and used by refugees that have crossed the Aegean Sea from Turkey.

Objectives & VISION

The main objective of Lesvos Solidarity is to stand in solidarity with the refugees and people in need through shelter, protection and awareness rising on the basis of principles of solidarity, respect for human life, non-discrimination, non-violence and volunteerism.

Lesvos Solidarity stands in active solidarity with the refugees and fights against the current European immigration policies. We believe that no human is illegal and that borders should be open to all.


After the EU – Turkey deal and once it became obvious that refugees would be stranded in Lesvos for a long period of time, Lesvos Solidarity came to realize the necessity of hiring professionals in order to cope with the growing needs of its residents. The five members of the founding team, all volunteers, along with the small group of paid staff consists of the core team of Lesvos Solidarity.  The paid staff are:

  • Two Nurses
  • Two professional on psychosocial support
  • One Receptionist
  • Two Interpreters
  • Two Drivers
  • One Volunteers, activities & events coordinator
  • One Maintenance-site coordinator
  • One Media, communications, fundraising coordinator

In addition to the core team, Lesvos Solidarity works with a large group of international and local volunteers to run the daily activities in the camp. Cleaning, site maintenance & construction work, food distribution & cooking, clothing organization and distribution, gardening, participating in children activities and translation work, are examples of the various tasks that volunteers help with on a daily basis.


Lesvos Solidarity relies on donations to carry out its work in Lesvos. The organization is usually looking for donations for supporting the works of the following:

  • Medical department
  • Kitchen department
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Petrol for residents’ transportation
  • Clothing (adults & children)
  • Hygienic items
  • Cleaning products
  • Arts & crafts material
  • Gardening tools & items (fertilizers, seeds, etc.)
  • Toys, books, musical instruments and bikes (for adults & children)

If you would like to donate any of the above (or several) items, or have something else you wish to donate to Lesvos Solidarity, please contact us here: info@lesvossolidarity.org